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Wondrous Creatures: Captain Tier (PRE ORDER)

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+ stretch goals

+Expansion: Gargantuan

+Upgraded Components


Designer: Yeom.C.W
Artist: Sophia Kang
Year Published: 2024
Language: English
Playing Time: 80 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 4 players
Recommended Ages: 14+ years
Categories: Fantasy
Mechanics: End Game Bonuses , Hexagon Grid , Open Drafting , Race , Set Collection , Tags , Variable Player Powers , Worker Placement , Worker Placement, Different Worker Types
Description: Welcome to the world full of fantastic creatures! You are an admirer, a creature enthusiast who will join the journey of forming the world’s leading creature reserve.
Unique Worker Placement: Wondrous Creatures’s worker placement mechanism provides an intriguing Hex Puzzle experience. Your deployed worker interacts with surrounding icons to bring in resources or cards, and works to activate special effects!
Transforming Terrains: As the game progresses, powerful special effects are newly placed on the map. Get creative and use these special effects to unleash your very own powerful combos!
100+ Different Creature Cards: Collect and combine various different creature cards. Every creature holds its own distinctive ability and provides a deep strategic tableau building experience. Each card beautifully illustrated by Sophia Kang, will immerse you into a wonderful world of Wondrous Creatures.
Evolving Worker Abilities: Your workers hold their own unique abilities. As you progress through the game, unlock their abilities and strengthen your workers!


—description from the designer

More Information: here