Wings of Glory: Tripods & Triplanes (Pre-Order) [Board Games]

Ares Games

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Designer: Andrea Angiolino , Marco Maggi , Francesco Nepitello
Artist: Fabio Maiorana , Bob Naismith , David Szilagyi
Year Published: 2018
Language: English
Playing Time: 45 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 99 players
Recommended Ages: 10+ years
Categories: Aviation / Flight , Science Fiction , Wargame , World War I
Mechanics: Action Queue , Player Elimination , Simulation , Simultaneous Action Selection
Description: March, 18th 1918: Martian tripods are invading Earth, so World War One comes to a halt as airplane pilots from all nations cooperate to stop them.

Wings of Glory: Tripods & Triplanes is a standalone game that adds tripods to the world-famous system Wings of Glory system.

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