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Trésors Légendaires (FR)

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Designer: Annick Lobet
Artist: Alexey Grishin
Year Published: 2020
Language: French
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 4 players
Recommended Ages: 8+ years
Categories: Pirates
Mechanics: Action Points , Legacy Game , Pick-up and Deliver , Take That
Description: In Pirate Legends you become a captain of a pirate ship roaming the Seven Seas in search of treasures. But you are not the only one looking for fortune in these unruly waters. Your opponents will be hot on your trail looking for ways to attack you. Can you avoid all the traps set against you and become the richest captain of all?
Pirate Legends is an evolving legacy game that includes 14 mystery envelopes full of new game components and additional rules! The more you play, the more you discover!

—description from the publisher

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