Jordan Draper Games

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Designer: Jordan Draper , Hiroshi Kawamura (川村 有) , Yu Maruno (丸野優)
Artist: Jordan Draper
Year Published: 2019
Language: English
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 6 players
Categories: Action / Dexterity , Animals , Bluffing , Card Game , Deduction , Dice , Educational , Humor , Movies / TV / Radio theme , Music , Negotiation , Number , Party Game , Puzzle , Real-time , Trivia , Word Game
Mechanics: Acting , Cooperative Game , Modular Board , Paper-and-Pencil , Push Your Luck , Simulation , Team-Based Game
Description: In TOKYO GAME SHOW you will host 5 rounds of a Japanese game show, inviting up to 5 of your friends to put on colorful wrist bands and compete in your mini games! With over 50 included games from 10 categories, plus the option to use any of the other TOKYO SERIES titles as game show games, this party hit is perfect for any player count or skill level!

—description from the publisher

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