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Thunder & Lightning

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Number of Players: 2 players

Year Published: 2016

Playing Time: 40 minutes

On a fateful night, Odin’s Crown was stolen by Loki the Trickster. The wrath of Odin the Allfather was so great, he summoned his son, Thor the Thunder God, to retrieve this precious possession. In so doing, he also bestowed upon Thor his prized ring of power and authority, Draupnir. Loki had hoped for the opportunity to also steal Odin’s Ring and has now gathered an army to do so. But Thor too has rallied an army of his own and the help from
many Nordic gods.

The players take on the roles of Thor and Loki and must use strategy and cunning to pit their own allies against their opponent’s. For whoever gains control of Odin’s Crown and Ring will be able to claim the throne of Asgard.

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