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T.I.M.E Stories

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  • Language: English
  • Number of Players: 2-4 players
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Playing Time: 90 min
  • Description: BGG Link 

Etienne's Game of the Week

TIME stories is a unique gaming experience. You are employees of the TIME agency, dedicated to repairing time breaches that are threathning our timeline.

In the base game, you will take control of patients from an asylum and prevent one of the asylum doctors from creating a breach in our reality as we know it. To achieve this, you will have a few hours to find the doctor, interrupt his plans and solve the mysteries. These few hours won't be enough. You will fail. When time is up, you will have to try again from the start, but knowing everything you've learned in your first run! Your second run will therefore be optimized and you will be able to complete your objectives without delay.

Each TIME Stories expansion is unique, changes the rules and brings a new theme: Egypt, Antarctica, Pirates, Hollywood, Middle-Age, Christian Spain and even Zombies.

If you like puzzling games with unique mechanics that tickles your brain for a whole night, TIME stories is for you.