Rum and Bones: Second Tide

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Rum and Bones: Second Tide - Board Game - The Dice Owl



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Number of Players: 2-6 players

Year Published: 2017

Playing Time: 30 - 75 minutes

Avast ye pirates! Gather your crews and set sail for adventure on the high seas in Rum & Bones: Second Tide!

Rum & Bones: Second Tide is a miniatures board game where players control fantastic pirate crews embroiled in exciting ship-to-ship boarding combat. 

Second Tide evolves the gameplay of the original Rum & Bones, making it more fast-paced immersive and tactically challenging. Each ship's single-minded crew of Deckhands and Bosuns charge toward key objectives on the opposing player's ship, always ready to battle through its defenders. The crews are not alone, however, as player-controlled Heroes join the fray to swing the fight in their favor! 

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