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Nemo's War (Second Edition): Dramatis Personae Expansion Pack #3 - The Dice Owl

Nemo's War (Second Edition): Dramatis Personae Expansion Pack #3

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Designer: Chris Taylor (I)

Artist: Ian O'Toole

Year Published:  2019

Number of Players: 1 - 4 players

Playing Time: 60 minutes

Recommended Ages: 13+

Categories: Adventure, Expansion for Base-game, Exploration, Nautical, Novel-based, Science Fiction, Travel, Wargame

Mechanics: Action Point Allowance System, Area Control / Area Influence, Area Movement, Press Your Luck, Simulation, Time Track

The third expansion pack, Dramatis Personae, provides your game with a neat stack of ten additional cards: nine new Adventure cards and one intriguing new Finale card.

Among the new adventures, you will learn more about your familiar crew characters, and meet interesting new characters via five new Keep cards, allowing them to assist you with their talents. Balancing out the benefits of these helpful cards are new Play and Test Adventure cards that will keep you riveted.


• 9 New Adventure Cards
• 1 New Finale Card
• 1 Rules Sheet

NOTE: You must own a copy of Nemo's War Second Edition to enjoy this Expansion Pack.

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