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Designer: Alf Seegert
Artist: William Blake , Hieronymus Bosch , Sandro Botticelli , Pieter Bruegel the Elder , Thomas Cole , Leonardo da Vinci , Caspar David Friedrich , El Greco , Katsushika Hokusai , Gustav Klimt , Andrew Long , Franz Marc , Claude Monet , Pixel Productions Inc. , Nicolas Poussin , Raphael , Joseph Mallord William Turner , Jan van Eck , Vincent van Gogh , Johannes Vermeer
Year Published: 2014
Language: English
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 4 players
Recommended Ages: 8+ years
Categories: Card Game
Mechanics: Hand Management , Pattern Building , Set Collection
Description: Musée is a 30-minute card-laying game for 2-4 players. Collect and curate! Score by filling up and carefully theming your art museum!

In this fast-paced card game, you collect impossibly valuable works of art and put them on display in your own personal art museum, the Musée. The only problem is that your opponents are doing the very same thing! Each gallery must be organized properly by exhibit number, but to succeed you must balance your passion for order with the need for public acclaim. Impress visitors by tastefully positioning works of art side-by-side showing similar themes. Make sure you don't get too greedy for applause, though — doing so might disorganize your collection and keep you from displaying any more paintings. The first player to complete each separate gallery will open the exhibition early and receive extra recognition. The player who displays the most compelling combination of artworks in the most artistic manner wins.

Musée includes sixty unique fine art images from artists ranging from the fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries, all licensed through Bridgeman Art Library.

More Information: here