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Muse: Awakenings

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Designer: Jordan Sorenson

Artist: Mike Dashow,Apolline Etienne,Andre Garcia,Gong Studios,Emily Hancock,Marius Janusonis,Vincent Joubert,Sean Thurlow

Year Published:  2018

Number of Players: 2 - 12 players

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

Categories: Card Game, Humor, Party Game

Mechanics: Co-operative Play, Partnerships, Voting

Muse: Awakenings is a standalone game that can be played as its own complete experience, or as an expansion to elevate the Muse base set to new heights!

Play cooperatively at lower player counts, or divide into teams for competitive play with four or more at the table — the game is played the same either way! As a muse, you need to be creative to give the right clue within the constraints of the inspiration card you've been dealt, hoping to lead your team to their masterpiece. As artists, you work alongside one another to decipher that clue, and correctly choose the piece of art from the line-up. The first team to collaboratively complete twelve points worth of Masterpieces wins!

Challenge your creativity and inspiration, listen closely to the fire burning deep within, and let your Muse guide you to your Masterpiece!

-description from publisher

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