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L'osti d'jeu (FR)

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Designer: Joël Gagnon , M.eve
Artist: Marie-Eve Lupien
Year Published: 2014
Language: French
Playing Time: 40 minutes
Number of Players: 3- 12 players
Recommended Ages: 18+ years
Categories: Card Game , Humor , Mature / Adult , Party Game
Mechanics: Hand Management , Simultaneous Action Selection
Description: French version of Cards Against Humanity

L'osti d'jeu is here!

How to play the game?

1. The big mouth (grande yeule) plays a black card. For example: Steak, Corn, | ... |
2. All other players choose a red card in their hand that much fill the | ... |
3. The big mouth (grande yeule) then chooses his favorite red card ...
For example, which would you choose between:
> Steak, Corn, A big keel Wildcat
> Steak, Corn, Your mother
> Steak, Corn, A big watery diarrhea
... The player who played that red card wins the black card.
4. Play until satisfied, or until a player has won 5 black cards.

The game is only available in French and is full of insides about the Quebec French culture.

More Information: here