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Lords of Hellas: City of Steel

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Designer: Adam Kwapiński
Year Published: 2018
Language: English
Playing Time: 0 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 5 players
Categories: Ancient , Civilization , Expansion for Base-game , Miniatures , Mythology , Science Fiction , Territory Building
Mechanics: Area Majority / Influence , Area Movement , Card Drafting , Hand Management , Variable Player Powers , Worker Placement
Description: This expansion pack lets you add another player to the game, expands map and adds new upgrade mechanic to the game.

In City of Steel expansion pack you can join the fight as Hector, legendary hero of Troy. It will also give you opportunity to hunt two new monsters - Satyr and Arachne, get on 3 new quests, upgrade your armies and conquer Troy itself!
This pack expands number of possible players to 5 (6 with Lost City expansion pack).

—description from the publisher

From the Rulebook: City of Steel requires the use of the Atlantis and Poseidon expansions found in the Lost City expansion.

More Information: here