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Kraken Up

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Designer: Tom Harvey
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
Playing Time: 15 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 4 players
Categories: Animals , Card Game , Mythology , Nautical
Mechanics: Card Drafting , Drafting , End Game Bonuses , Hand Management , Set Collection , Simultaneous Action Selection
Description: It's the Krakens' turn to fish for humans! Players will grow their Kraken's tentacles and reel in bounty to form scoring combinations.

Draft and play one card each turn before passing the hand of cards to the next player. The selected card can be used as food to grow your tentacle, or added to the ocean as bounty to (hopefully) be collected later. The most enterprising Krakens may even wrap their tentacles around a cruise ship full of tasty travellers!

—description from the publisher

More Information: here