Kill The Unicorns (Kickstarter Edition)

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Kill The Unicorns - The Dice Owl



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Note: This is only the base game with all the stretch goals, this is not the Legendary Edition. 

Designer: Cyril Besnard, Loïc Chorvot, Alain Fondrille

Artist: Levi Prewitt

Year Published:  2018

Number of Players: 3 - 6 players

Playing Time: 25 - 45 minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

Categories: Animals, Bluffing, Card Game, Party Game

Mechanics: Auction/Bidding, Hand Management, Set Collection, Take That, Variable Player Powers

Unicorns are elegant and majestic creatures… That's what you think anyway, but in fact they are silly and reproducing too quickly!

Kill the Unicorns is a blind bidding and collection card game. You play as one of the Queendom’s unique characters - catch as many unicorns as you can, ideally without accidentally capturing a smelly Unicorn or a Pigicorn!

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