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Grand Prix

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Designer: Jeff Horger , Carla Horger
Artist: Kurt Miller , Chechu Nieto
Year Published: 2016
Language: English
Playing Time: 90 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 11 players
Recommended Ages: 14+ years
Categories: Racing
Mechanics: Hand Management
Description: Grand Prix is the 2nd auto racing game from Jeff & Carla Horger and GMT Games using the same system as Thunder Alley with some adjustments for Grand Prix racing. From 2-11 players can compete in the game controlling either one team of two cars, a team of two cars plus non-scoring team cars they control, or each person playing with multiple teams. Every race has a full field of cars, regardless of player count, in order to give that true Grand Prix race feel. When racing, players will score in one of two possible ways: either individual car scoring where only placing in the top 10 places awards points; or team scoring where the placement of all cars in a race will determine the team score.

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