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Everdell: Glimmergold Pack (FR)

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Designer: James A. Wilson
Artist: Andrew Bosley
Year Published: 2019
Language: French
Playing Time: 80 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 4 players
Recommended Ages: 13+ years
Categories: Expansion for Base-game , Animals , Card Game , City Building , Fantasy
Mechanics: End Game Bonuses , Income , Open Drafting , Worker Placement

Glimmergold contient tous les merveilleux éléments bonus inclus dans l'Édition Collector d'Everdell. Le jeu de base Everdell est nécessaire pour jouer avec cette extension.

This upgrade pack allows owners of the Standard Edition to essentially upgrade their copy of the game to a Collector's Edition.

Components include:

Extra! Extra! Cards (15 cards)
Legendary Cards (10 cards)
Rules for Collector's Edition cards
Rat Workers (6 wooden meeples)
Upgraded Victory Point Token Set (30 metal coins (20x1-point, 10x3-point))
Upgraded "Occupied" tokens (20 wooden tokens & stickers)
Upgraded 8-sided die (1 deluxe die)

Components only included in the 2nd Edition:

Rugwort Cards (3 cards)
Upgraded twig components (30 wooden twigs with flattened sides to prevent rolling)

It does NOT contain:

Collector's Edition Box (with spot UV)
Collector's Edition Box Sleeve (with spot gold foil)

First introduced as part of the Everdell: Pearlbrook Kickstarter as the "Everdell Upgrade Pack" (which did not include the 3 Rugwort cards or the 2nd edition twigs).

More Information: here