Dilluvia Project

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Dilluvia Project - The Dice Owl

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Designer: Alexandre Garcia

Artist: Harald Lieske

Year Published:  2015

Number of Players: 2 - 4 players

Playing Time: 120 minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+

Categories: City Building, Science Fiction, Territory Building

Mechanics: Tile Placement, Worker Placement

Planet earth is overpopulated but recent technological developments open new possibilities – whole cities hovering high in the skies.

The first sky city was planned and named Dilluvia Project. Will it succeed, will it attract people living detached from their friends in the skies?

It is an important time for mankind!

The players are entrepreneurs managing the construction of this first sky-city. During seven game turns the main goal of the players is to attract new inhabitants to the city. Who is building the city most efficiently, who is attracting the most population and winning Dilluvia Project?

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