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Black Rose Wars: Inferno

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Designer: Marco Montanaro
Artist: Fernando Armentano , Henning Ludvigsen , Paolo Scippo , Giovanni Pirrotta
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
Playing Time: 90 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 6 players
Recommended Ages: 14+ years
Categories: Bluffing , Card Game , Expansion for Base-game , Fantasy , Miniatures , Renaissance
Mechanics: Action Queue , Area Majority / Influence , Area Movement , Campaign / Battle Card Driven , Deck, Bag, and Pool Building , Hand Management , Modular Board , Variable Player Powers
Description: The agonizing and acute screams echo through the halls, while other poor souls echo from everywhere. Welcome to the VIII circle, the one run by Malebranche. This circle is divided into several bolge, each one dedicated to a human sin.

In the Inferno expansion you will find a total of 18 miniatures and much more!

—description from the publisher

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