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BattleCON: Wanderers of Indines

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Designer: D. Brad Talton, Jr.
Artist: Fábio Fontes , Eunice Abigael Tiu
Year Published: 2018
Language: English
Playing Time: 25 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 2 players
Recommended Ages: 9+ years
Categories: Card Game , Fighting
Mechanics: Hand Management , Point to Point Movement , Simultaneous Action Selection , Variable Player Powers
Description: An official, contest-driven expansion to the BattleCON universe!

BattleCON: Wanderers was originally announced in January 2013 as a stretch goal in the Devastation of Indines campaign, and after the goal was met, Level 99 committed to creating a future, fan-driven BattleCON set. Submissions opened in April 2014 and closed in October 2014. Each person was allowed up to 3 character submissions (with only 1 character per person allowed to win), detailing their character's appearance, lore and play style. Finalists were chosen by the Level 99 team to be turned into full, tournament legal characters in their own boxed set!

This set will be standalone with its own box, board, rulebook and characters, the same size as BattleCON: Fate of Indines. The set will be completely compatible with all previously released BattleCON sets as well.

All winners have been notified and many have made themselves and their winning submissions known, but they have not yet all been officially listed.

More Information: here