Ab durch die Mauer (The Ghosts of Castle TurnWall)

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Ab durch die Mauer (The Ghosts of Castle TurnWall)

Zoch Verlag

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Designer: Jürgen Adams
Artist: Victor Boden
Year Published: 2019
Language: English
Playing Time: 20 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 4 players
Recommended Ages: 7+ years
Categories: Maze
Mechanics: Memory , Set Collection
Description: Ab durch die Mauer is the family game about ghosts who won't be stopped by mere walls when they hunt for the best costumes throughout a rotating, magnetic castle.

Each player has their own ghost inside the castle. When it is a player's turn, that player can perform up to three magical movements. Not only can they move their ghost from space to space, but they can also move sliders underneath the floor or even rotate the whole playing board. Thanks to the magnets inside the sliders, the ghosts will fly through the castle's walls while hunting for the best possible costume. The first player to collect four different costume pieces wins.

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