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Une cuillère pour Martin (FR)

par HABA
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Designer: Eljan Reeden
Artist: Jennifer Baule-Prinz
Year Published: 2014
Language: French
Playing Time: 5 minutes
Number of Players: 1- 3 players
Recommended Ages: 2+ years
Categories: Action / Dexterity , Children's Game
Mechanics: Memory
Description: Hungry as a Bear, part of HABA's "My Very First Games" series, allows youngsters to play with their food — their fake food, mind you, with six cardboard dishes being available (blueberries, carrots, etc.) and two copies of each dish. The rulebook includes three games:

Little Bear Is Very Hungry: a co-operative game in which players roll the die, then try to feed the stand-up bear by placing a dish on the spoon and pushing it through the bear's mouth.
Little Bear Is Starving: a memory game in which players try to match the food dishes on offer.
What Is My F-F-Favorite Dish?: a guessing game in which one player secretly chooses a dish as her favorite and the others take turns asking questions and trying to guess the dish.

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