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Star Realms: Crisis – Heroes

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Designer: Robert Dougherty , Darwin Kastle
Artist: Kaile Dutton , Vito Gesualdi
Year Published: 2014
Language: English
Playing Time: 20 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 6 players
Recommended Ages: 12+ years
Categories: Card Game , Expansion for Base-game , Fighting , Science Fiction
Mechanics: Card Drafting , Deck, Bag, and Pool Building , Take That
Description: Star Realms: Crisis – Heroes, an expansion pack for Star Realms, adds a new card type to the game: heroes.

Unlike other Star Realms cards, heroes enter play as soon as they're purchased! Each hero has a scrap ability that provides both a specific effect, as well as turning on ally abilities for the turn.

This expansion contains 12 cards:
2 Cunning Captain
1 Admiral Rasmussen
2 Ram Pilot
1 Blob Overlord
2 War Elder
1 High Priest Lyle
2 Special Ops Director
1 CEO Torres

More Information: here