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MBT (Second Edition)

par GMT Games
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Designer: James M. Day
Artist: Pete Abrams , James M. Day , Charles Kibler , Terry Leeds , Rodger B. MacGowan , Mark Simonitch , Eric Williams (I)
Year Published: 2016
Language: English
Playing Time: 360 minutes
Number of Players: 2- 2 players
Categories: Modern Warfare , Wargame
Mechanics: Action Queue , Dice Rolling , Hexagon Grid
Description: From GMT P500:

MBT is a complete game system modeling the US 7th Army and the GSFG and CGF Soviet mechanized forces of 1987. It is M1 Abrams (105mm and 120mm armed version)versus a whole stable of Soviet armor with their T-80s, T-72s, T-64s, and upgraded models of T-62 and T-55. There are even M60A3s sprinkled in to balance out the US tank inventory. Bradley IFVs and CFVs mechanized units are set to take on their counterparts mounted in BMP 1,2s and even a few 3s. Not to overlooked M113A2s and BTRs and MT-LBs are also set to make their appearance.

Mechanized infantry and their related weapons are in abundance, including M47 Dragon, M72 LAW, AT-7 Saxon, AT-4 Spigot, and multiple RPG versions.

The scale is right down in the weeds with individual vehicles, infantry squads, half squads, and sections. Each hex is just 100 meters across, so it is going to be nose-to-nose action at its finest.

The rules cover the total realm of modern mechanized combat with ATGMs, including TOW and deadly Soviet gun launched missiles like the AT-11 Sniper and AT-8 Songster, special armor (including ERA), advanced night fighting with thermal images and image intensifiers, advance artillery with ICM and laser-guided shells, helicopters, including the AH-64A Apache and Mi-24P Hind-F, attack aircraft, including the A-10A Warthog and SU-25 Frogfoot, and missile and gun-armed AA units to counter the deadly air threats. It is all included in this total package.

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