Gangster's Dilemma

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Designer: Adrian Adamescu , Daryl Andrews
Artist: Kwanchai Moriya
Year Published: 2020
Language: English
Playing Time: 45 minutes
Number of Players: 3- 7 players
Recommended Ages: 9+ years
Categories: Bluffing , Card Game , Mafia
Mechanics: Contracts , Prisoner's Dilemma , Simultaneous Action Selection , Variable Player Powers
Description: In Gangster's Dilemma, you play a gangster eager to satisfy the Mob Boss' demands. Each round, you will secretly choose to loot one of the city's hot spots, in hopes of eluding the cops, avoiding other gangsters, and grabbing crates, art, jewels, gin, and cash when possible. But the cops are on patrol at all times and they randomly search those same hot spots. If caught in the presence of another gangster, do you pay bribes to the cops, stay silent, or rat out your fellow gangsters? What a dilemma!

—description from the publisher

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