Coriolis The Last Cyclade HC RPG

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Coriolis The Last Cyclade HC RPG SALE

Evil Hat Productions

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The Last Cyclade is the second part of Mercy of the Icons, the epic and richly illustrated campaign for Coriolis – The Third Horizon. 

This book contains: 

    Extensive background information for the Gamemaster, describing the events which threaten the Third Horizon and its inhabitants

    The Uharan Echo: an adventure set in the darkness of space; a quest to solve a grand and terrifying mystery

    Mission Generator Tables that let you tailor your campaign and create your own adventures, dealing with the hunt for a foe whose power is rising

    The Children are the Future, Forked Tongues, Curse of Rusah, and Fire of the Icons: four adventure landscapes that expose the player characters to these troublesome times

    In the Shadow of the Zenith: a race against time, where the characters return to Coriolis and find themselves at the heart of the horizon’s escalating conflict

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