We love board games & We love e-commerce. Would having an online board game store makes sense?

For us it does! Andrés used to have an e-commerce retail store with his brothers and it was very successful and Jorge used to manage a medium size business.  However, since We moved to Canada we had to adapt to our new amazing country and we put our entrepreneurial spirit aside for a while.  However, the time has come and we are very excited to launch our first business in Canada. We love this country and we want to contribute to the economy, invest and see it grow and the best part of this is that you’re going to help us to achieve that. 

We love board games, we understand the importance of customer service, fast delivery and we want to contribute to the board game community to grow.

When are we going to be available to sell?

We are currently waiting our suppliers to open our account, once we have that nothing is going to stop us!

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Andres & Jorge

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