Board Games coming in November 2018

This is the list of games that have been pre-ordered and are coming in November 2018. This list contains releases, reprints and some restocks

If the status of the game is CONFIRMED - this means the game will come around that day.

If the status of the game is DELAYEDit means the game could arrive any minute. So stay tuned!

Last Updated: Nov 28th 22:28 EST

Date Game Status
30-Oct 8Bit Box  
30-Oct Adrenaline Team Play DLC  
30-Oct Alhambra Big Box  
30-Oct Amerigo  
30-Oct Cerebria: Forces of Blance 5-6 Expansion  
30-Oct Cerebria: The Inside World  
30-Oct Crown of Emara  
30-Oct DC Comics DBG: Rebirth  
30-Oct Deep Space D-6  
30-Oct Dice Hospital  
30-Oct Escape : Curse of the Temple  
30-Oct Escape Curse of the temple 2nd Edition Big Box  
30-Oct Franchise  
30-Oct Heroes of Black Reach  
30-Oct Luxor  
30-Oct Merlin  
30-Oct Navegador IN STOCK
30-Oct Sorcerer  
30-Oct Tudor  
14-Nov Bad Doctor IN STOCK
31-Oct Concordia Salsa IN STOCK
31-Oct DC Comics DBG: Rivals - Green Lantern/Siniestro IN STOCK
31-Oct Endeavor Age of Sail IN STOCK
31-Oct Gizmos IN STOCK
31-Oct Hand of Fate: Ordeals IN STOCK
31-Oct Haven IN STOCK
14-Nov Imperial Settlers Amazons  IN STOCK
31-Oct Spirit of the Forest IN STOCK
31-Oct Zogen IN STOCK
05-Nov Noises at Night IN STOCK
05-Nov Trade on the Tigris IN STOCK
05-Nov Wildlands IN STOCK
09-Nov Thunderstone Quest IN STOCK
12-Nov Thunderstone Quest: Foundations O/T World Exp  
12-Nov Thunderstone Quest: Ripples in Time Exp  
13-Nov Black Hole Council IN STOCK
13-Nov Gugong  
22-Nov Altiplano: The Traveler  IN STOCK
14-Nov Auztralia  IN STOCK
14-Nov Deadwood 1876  IN STOCK
14-Nov DND Dragonfire Adv. Corruption in Calisham  IN STOCK
14-Nov DND Dragonfire Box of Holding  
14-Nov Horizons  IN STOCK
14-Nov Marvel Legendary Ant-Man Small Box Exp.  IN STOCK
14-Nov Monolith Arena  IN STOCK
14-Nov Onitama way of the wind  IN STOCK
14-Nov Rick and Morty DBG: The RickShank Rickdemption  IN STOCK
14-Nov Star realms Command Deck  - The Alignment  IN STOCK
14-Nov Star realms Command Deck  - The Alliance  IN STOCK
14-Nov Star realms Command Deck  - The Coalition IN STOCK
14-Nov Star realms Command Deck  - The Pact IN STOCK
14-Nov Star realms Command Deck  - The Union IN STOCK
14-Nov Star realms Command Deck  - The Unity IN STOCK
14-Nov Swordscrafters IN STOCK
15-Nov A Distant Plain  
15-Nov Andean Abyss  
15-Nov Carcassonne #9 Hills & Sheep Expansion   IN STOCK
15-Nov Carpe Diem  
15-Nov CO2 Second Chance  
15-Nov Crosstalk  
15-Nov Direwild  IN STOCK
15-Nov Dream Catchers  
15-Nov Fallout: New California     IN STOCK
15-Nov Fire in The Lake  
15-Nov Folklore Miniatures Box Set  IN STOCK
15-Nov Fortune  
15-Nov Forum Trajanum  
15-Nov Glorantha: The Gods of War  
15-Nov Gorus Maximus  
15-Nov Heroes of Terrinoth        IN STOCK
30-Nov Kanban Drivers Edition  CONFIRMED
15-Nov Keyforge: Call of the Archons Archon Deck  IN STOCK
15-Nov Keyforge: Call of the Archons Starter Set     IN STOCK
15-Nov Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors  
15-Nov One Week Ultimate Werewolf  
15-Nov Robin Hood and The Marry Men  IN STOCK
15-Nov Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales Expansion  
15-Nov Songbirds  
15-Nov Super Motherload  IN STOCK
15-Nov Sword and Sorcery - Metal Coins  
15-Nov The Reckoners  
21-Nov Architects of the West Kingdom  IN STOCK
21-Nov Architects of the West Kingdom: Metal Coins  IN STOCK
21-Nov Dice Settlers  IN STOCK
21-Nov Fireball Island:  The Curse of Vul-Kar  IN STOCK
21-Nov Spell Smashers  IN STOCK
21-Nov Teotihuacan  IN STOCK
21-Nov Terraforming Mars The Colonies  IN STOCK
23-Nov Narcos: The Board Game  IN STOCK
23-Nov Newton  IN STOCK
23-Nov RailRoad Ink: Blazing Red Edition  IN STOCK
23-Nov RailRoad Ink: Deep Blue Edition  IN STOCK
23-Nov The Grizzled Armistice Edition  IN STOCK
28-Nov Kodama Duo  
28-Nov MTM Heroes of Dominaria Premium Edition  
28-Nov MTM Heroes of Dominaria Standard Edition  
30-Nov Chronicles of Crimes  IN STOCK
30-Nov Chronicles of Crimes - Virtual Reality Glasses  IN STOCK
30-Nov Fireball Island: Tcrouching Tiger, Hidden Bees! Exp  
30-Nov Fireball Island: The Last Adventurer Exp  
30-Nov Gloomhaven  
30-Nov Planet Apocalypse  
30-Nov Trapwords  
04-Dec City of Gears  
07-Dec Scorpius Freighter  
07-Dec Scythe: Encounters  
14-Nov Stuffed  IN STOCK
Delayed Villainous  


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