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Gencon Day 3: Saturday

Gencon Day 3: Saturday

Final Round! Points are double. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Saturday was a day where we didn't have the chance to try many board games. We had 2 events to attend: The Tuesday Knight Podcast Live  and a conference on the tabletop industry in the digital age by Geek & Sundry. Both events were amazing! Events are a HUGE part of Gen Con. You very well can spend your 4 days not seeing one game and just go from events to events. This being said, we had the chance to discover these fantastic games on Saturday:

  • Forbidden Sky
  • Teotihuacan: City of Gods
  • Mini DiverCity
  • Voltage
  • Western Legends

Forbidden Sky

We finally had the chance of hearing more about Forbidden Sky. The game really feels like the sequel to Island & Desert. Stucked in the clouds, you are trying to boost your ship using the thunderstorm surrounding you. Of course, things are not as easy as you might think fixing a space ship in a cloud city during a lightning shower is. Every moves count. After discussing with the volunteer demoing the game to us, he told me that the complexity of the game is somewhere between Island and Desert.

Forbidden Sky 5

One cool detail: Once you connect your ship to your circuit: it lights up and makes sounds! All the pieces act as conductors and the ship holds a battery. Very cool. 

Forbidden Sky 6

Teotihuacan: City of Gods

This is one of Andres' biggest hit. Gen Con is not particularly fond of heavy games, but this one seemed to be an exception. This will be a huge 2018 release.

Teo 1

With a modular board, you will attempt to build a giant pyramid made of kind-of-mahjong tiles. The game uses the pips on dice to track the age of your workers and, when they reach 6, the ascend and a new generation is born. 

Teo 2

For a game of this complexity, it is really easy to teach and understand. If you like games like Yokohama or Manhattan Project, this game is for you. 

Teo 3

Mini DiverCity

We had the pleasure of meeting our fellow-Québécois: Sphere Games. While their booths were completely full, we took a quick look at Mini DiverCity.

The game holds up to 7 players and plays under 30 minutes. With 7 levels of difficulty, Mini DiverCity is perfect for the family or between to heavier games among gamers. 

Your job: show the government how beautiful the coral reef is before the oil companies take over! It's a neat little card game with good production value and a low price tag. 


At the Mattel booth, I blindly bought Voltage (they had a sweet deal!). When Andres and I tried it, we were pleasantly surprised.

It's a 2 player set collection card game with great components that sells for around 20$. You will both play numbered cards on your side of the board trying to collect a set of 5 cards. The condition to win a set is simple: you either want the bigger amount on your side, or the lowest (depending on a plus/minus token in the center). That middle token can be flipped over with some attack cards.

If you like fun, mean little card games: you should look Voltage up!

Western Legends

I finally cracked my baby open and gave it a ride! This game is a blast. Western Legends is sand box game where you explore the West as one of the US' most iconic Western figures. 


You have to choice: become an outlaw or a marshal. While being a marshal is easier, it is also a less rewarding. On the other side, crime pays. But be careful, you can be arrested and carrying a lot of money and gold will attract the Bad and the Ugly. 


Great production value and really unique game that plays up to SIX players! 

Will you get your hands on one of those? 

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