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Gencon Day 2: Friday

Gencon Day 2: Friday

Round 2. We rested, feasted and are now ready to discover & test board games! So after a quick meet & greet with discount George Lucas, we headed to the BGG Hot Games Room. It is a quiet room located a few minutes away from the real action where Board Game Geek has laid out hundreds of new games to try. Here are the games we will talk about in this article: 


Our first meeting on the agenda was with Everdell. We went right away to the designer's booth to purchase a copy because they were flying away! We even got our copy signed by the designer himself. 

everdell box

Everdell is one of the most beautiful board game I've seen on a table. There is a giant tree (that actually serves a purpose) on the end of the table with cards laying on it. 

everdell pieces

everdell cards

Yellow & Yangtze

As a big fan of Tigris & Euphrates, I was really looking forward to this new version of the classic Knizia game. I was not disappointed. They fixed all the issues I had with the previous game and added many needed features. I don't want to get into the details, but it is now easier to mess up somebody's game and there are now more types of tile to choose from. There is even a little market of tiles available to all players under certain conditions. 

Tigris 1

If you like meaty euro games, brain burners, this one is for you. It plays quickly but is an amazing puzzle for up to 4 players. 

Tigris 2


We had the chance to actually sit down and play a game of Reef. While it doesn't have the same visual appeal that Azul had, I can confidently say that it is a great, light-weight game. Easier than his predecessor, Reef is also easier to teach and less mathsy

reef box

One thing I really like about Azul was the way we could really mess someone's game by grabbing the only thing that they actually could put on their board. After playing Reef, I doubt we can find the same depth. That single fact makes it less competitive and more relaxed: two things I can really enjoy. 

reef components

Swords Crafter

Swords Crafter is a game about crafting swords where we all play swords crafters. Each turn, we choose a tile that we want to add to our sword. That way, we will craft a a cardboard sword throughout the game (which is called Swords Crafter).

swords crafter 1

This game is great for 8-10 year olds. Easy to learn, visually simple and fast paced. Plus, you are crafting a sword. It looks to simple for adults to play, but it might be a good, short game to play with your children. 

swords crafter 2

Bad Maps

Bad Maps is a board game coming soon to Kickstarter. From 2-5 players, you will have to bet on which of the 4 explorer is going to reach a mysterious treasure in the middle of the jungle first. The thing is: you will all give directions to the explorer and you can easily ruin Rhonda's game by making her obvious champion-explorer fall into a bottomless pit. 

bad maps 1

It is a fun, short, funny game easy to learn and teach and should be very affordable. If you like games like Karuba and Colt Express, you should adore this one.  

bad maps 2

Sagrada: 5th & 6th Player Expansion

 This is a very poorly titled expansion. I always assumed it only came with the material to add a 5th and 6th player (that's my bad, I should have looked it up more. Then again, I don't own the game. Why am I justifying myself?). 

Sagrada: Giant Edition

giant sagrada

Anyway, it adds a lot more! Every player will now have a sort of wheel at the top of their stained-glass window. This wheel can contain dice that only you can use: a private dice pool. 

sagrada expansion

This is the perfect example of what an expansion should be: it gives the people what they wanted, added to the game without breaking it and adds new mechanics that fits very well with the base game. A must for all the Sagrada lovers out there.  

Spirits of the Wild

spirit of the wild 2

Spirits of the Wild (that I purchased instantly), is a great 2 player game where you and your opponent will battle for gems and summon spirits to help you score points. The game plays under 30 minutes and is very relaxing.

spirit of the wild 1

I'm always looking for new games to play with my significant-other and I'm so happy that I found one. While we currently can't sell the game, we will get in touch with the publisher to bring it ASAP. 

Bonus: there is an owl in the game! 

spirit of the wild 3


Gizmos is one of my biggest suprises of Gen Con! It is an engine-building game that is very easy to teach & learn, with great components, graphic design and stream-lined rules. Honestly, there is nothing not to love about this game. Oh yeah, and it's under 30$. The game comes with so much stuff, I don't understand how its price can be so low.


There was even a huge line just to try the game (which we skipped without knowing it!). If you like Century: Spice Road or Splendor, you will love Gizmos. 

More Games We Didn't Have the Chance to Talk About


speakeasy blues









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